DPD Austria launches Live Tracking for parcels

The tool used in Austria for the first time allows redirecting parcels to the last minute

DPD Austria launches Live Tracking for parcels

DPD’s Live Tracking, a feature of the DPD Parcel Navigator launched in August last year, allows gives its users the biggest possible flexibility for parcel receiving. Parcel delivery can be implemented customised to the requirements of the recipient: E.g. the online platform allows defining a desired neighbour, who shall take over the shipment. Moreover an alternative delivery address can be filled, and the day of delivery can be changed. Also the delivery of the parcel to a DPD Parcel Shop is an option that can be chosen there.

Rainer Schwarz, Managing Director DPD Austria: “We are integrating the delivery of a parcel into the daily life of the recipient. The parcel delivery is adjusted to our customer – not the other way round.“

DPD’s Live Tracking available on DPD’s website www.dpdlivetracking.at or at www.paketnavigator.at . The shipment code allows tracking the parcel – or also several parcels. Redirecting is possible within a few clicks. If the customer decides in favour of the delivery to a DPD Parcel Shop, the nearest station is displayed within seconds. “We will continue to develop this tool to respond to our customers’ demand for the biggest possible flexibility“, emphasises Rainer Schwarz.

DPD Austria (Direct Parcel Distribution) is Austria’s leading private parcel service, and a company of the DPDgroup, Europe’s second-largest international parcel service provider. A workforce of approximately 1,700 in Austria with a total of 900 vehicles shipped more than 41 million parcels in 2015.