DHL wins service contract from Getac Computer in Europe

DHL Supply Chain obtains five-year contract from Getac Technologies comprising repair services in Europe

DHL wins service contract from Getac Computer in Europe

Getac is a manufacturer of rugged notebooks, tablets and handheld computers for customers that usually operate under harsh conditions, for instance in the automotive, aviation and aerospace, energy and chemicals sectors. DHL provides an end-to-end service logistics solution that improves former service levels by one day to just 72 hours. Premium repair lead-times are even as short as 24 hours. The cooperation follows a six-month trial period, during which DHL exceeded Getac’s expectations in terms of process control and repair quality.

Between 200 and 300 repairs per month are being made by technicians working in DHL’s logistics centre at Brussels Airport, where the company invested in a dedicated repair wing. In addition to improved service levels, the solution also reduces Getac’s carbon footprint by 20 percent due to less air transportation and increased product distribution by road.

“We are very pleased to have convinced Getac with our can-do attitude and quality of work, which ultimately won this long-term contract. The new service model we created provides their end-customers with a true value-add and thus a competitive market advantage for the company. We look forward to further expanding the solution and adding value-add features in the future,” said Ray Ridyard, Vice President Global Business Development & Account Management Global Service Logistics, DHL Supply Chain.

DHL is looking to expand the service to other countries and continents Getac operates in, and aims to provide greater visibility and automation of the solution over the contract period.