DHL wins global LLP contract of Ford Motor Company

The car manufacturer appoints the logistics provider to manage the global supply of prototype parts

DHL wins global LLP contract of Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company has awarded a new contract to DHL, to provide freight management services under its Lead Logistics Partner (LLP) solution. Under the contract, DHL Supply Chain will manage the movement of prototype parts from suppliers to Ford’s R&D locations around the world.

This new contract builds on a long-standing relationship between Ford and DHL, where the LLP model has been implemented for the inbound supply to manufacturing of its production cars across Europe and Asia. DHL has been appointed as Ford’s global provider of freight management, driving standardisation and efficiencies across the business.

Todd Starbuck, Global LLP President at DHL Supply Chain said: “We are delighted to have been appointed as Ford Motor Company’s sole provider of global freight management services. This new contract builds on our longstanding relationship with Ford and our established LLP model, and we look forward to working closely together over the coming years.”

DHL offers a scalable and transferable solution, utilising existing control towers and implementing one global transport management system, as well as an international network.

When it comes to freight management, it is all about coordinating third party carriers, to provide fast and cost effective delivery of shipments, often including a whole range of services.