DHL Global Forwarding improves intercontinental supply chains

New around the globe air freight service from Brussels more than halves the transit time from Norway to Asia

DHL Global Forwarding improves intercontinental supply chains

DHL Global Forwarding expands its airfreight capacities in response to the increasing exports of the Norwegian seafood industry. The demand has been continuously growing since the introduction of DHL’s new service solution in May this year.

As of now DHL will double its flight frequency by deploying a dedicated Boeing 747-400 cargo plane that ships seafood from Oslo to Seoul and Shanghai twice a week. Furthermore the new solution will also increase the operational efficiency on DHL’s transpacific trade lane by performing around-the-world flights.

“As internationally leading logistics provider, Deutsche Post DHL Group is committed to always support its customers with effective and efficient logistics solutions. The introduction of our new around-the-world air freight services not only increases the capacities for the Norwegian seafood industry, it also demonstrates the creative and customer centric approach of our Global Forwarding division,” says Frank Appel, CEO Deutsche Post DHL Group, on the occasion of the first flight.

The around-the-world freighter service is yet another step in re-designing intercontinental supply chains while generating significant, reliable and efficient capacities for customers along the route from Brussels to Oslo, Seoul, Shanghai Cincinnati and back to Brussels. The aircraft will start in Brussels and pick up the seafood at the DHL terminal in Oslo.

From there it will be flown to Seoul, where the plane will be discharged and loaded with general cargo for its next destination in China. This procedure repeats at the next stops in Shanghai and Cincinnati and prior to the return to Brussels.

In addition to the expanded capacities along the transpacific route, DHL Global Forwarding will also manage the increasing demand of fresh seafood, by doubling the number of flights from Norway to Asia. Twice a week DHL will transport seafood from Lakselv Airport Banak via its terminal in Oslo to Seoul. From the origin, only 100 km from the North Cape to its final destination in Korea the time for the whole supply chain is cut from 48 to 20 hours.

“Given our expertise in temperature controlled logistics solutions and rapid transportation by plane, we make sure that the seafood arrives at its destination in the best possible condition,” says Ingo-Alexander Rahn, Global Head of Airfreight, DHL Global Forwarding. “Cutting the lead-time by more than 50 percent and providing seamless logistics processes, furthermore help the Norwegian fishing industry to grow and win considerable market shares with high quality seafood around the globe.”