DDSG Cargo transfers pontoon to the port of Korneuburg

Former barge of DDSG Cargo bringing the city of Korneuburg closer to the Danube waterway

DDSG Cargo transfers pontoon to the port of Korneuburg

First-DDSG Logistics Holding GmbH has presented a generous gift to the municipality of Korneuburg. In the presence of Mag. Karl Wilfing, Landesrat Lower Austria and many guests, DI Dr. Viatcheslav Vdovitchenko, General Director, presented the abandoned barge on 16 April to Mayor Christian Gepp. Thus the port of Korneuburg has now two ship berths.

Ten years ago, the 73 meters „new“ floating pontoon in Korneuburg had been in use for transport of up to 1,000 tonnes of iron ore from Izmail, Ukraine to Austria. From the late 1950s, together with many sister ships, it had formed the spine of the DDSG Cargo fleet for waterway transport of goods destined or coming from the Former Soviet Union. One ship was tugging up to 13 barges.

Today First DDSG Cargo Holding based in Vienna operates its own fleet, represented with 240 vessels with maximal carrying capacity of 330.000 tonnes. They operate on the European inland waterways from the Black Sea to the North Sea.