DB Schenker launches Last Mile Tracking for fair logistics

Controlling security until delivery to the recipient’s hand: Implementation of last mile-tracking for shipments weighing 31.5 kilograms or more

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On the occasion of the International Consumer Electronics Fair in Berlin (4 to 9 September 2015), DB Schenker, the official fair logistician of the Messe Berlin, is going to introduce a new software solution for active shipment tracking within the exhibition grounds.
This new solution permits informing the exhibitors about the arrival of their shipment at the fair stand. So far, tracking had only been possible until the arrival at the exhibition grounds. DB Schenker is the only fair logistics provider to implement last mile-tracking of shipments weighing 31.5 kilograms or more.
“The new solution provides the sender with maximum transparency on the status of the shipment. Selected exhibits, such as those shown at IFA, sometimes have a considerable material asset. Accurate tracking to the hands of the recipient – is thus a response to security issues,” said Ulrich Kasimir, Head of Product Management Fairs/Special Transports Schenker Deutschland AG.
In addition, active Last Mile Tracking relieves stand personnel and shippers. The stand personnel must no longer actively report the receipt of a shipment and forwarding or exhibitor do no longer have to track the shipping process via the tracking function – because the new solution will automatically send a message. When it comes to transparency, Schenker Deutschland AG is one step ahead of the competitors, thanks to this solution.
This is how the Last Mile Tracking works: Once the shipment is delivered at the fair stand, the acknowledgment of receipt is automatically sent via email or text message from the handheld device of the of the DB Schenker courier to the shipper. The GPRS signal notification is sent to DB Schenker’s own fair logistics system “Globus”, from where the shipper gets his notification – automatically.
The customer is informed within fifteen and a maximum of thirty minutes after reception at the fair stand.
The confirmation of delivery contains all relevant data such as order number, delivery date and time of delivery. Already at the award of the contract, the customer specifies whether he wants to be notified via text message or e-mail, and leaves the relevant contact details. Thus the active transmission notification complements the web-based shipment tracking, which also is available to customers of Schenker Deutschland AG via access code.