DB Schenker carries components of Siemens power plants to Egypt

A small fishing harbour was developed into a transport hub for a mega gas and steam power plant

DB Schenker carries components of Siemens power plants to Egypt

Final spurt for a mega order: DB Schenker is carrying a total of 100,000 tonnes with 400,000 cubic meters of freight for the construction of one of the world’s largest gas power plants on behalf of Siemens AG to Egypt. In Burullus, one of a total of three Egyptian Siemens power plants will be built. The natural gas-fired power plant with a capacity of 4.8 gigawatts will be equipped with eight Siemens gas turbines and four steam turbines.

The various components, such as turbines, generators, transformers and boilers, weigh up to 500 tonnes per piece; a total of 248 of these heavy components must be delivered for each of the eight power lines. These components from Europe and the USA are shipped directly to the fishing port of Burullus.

The components from Asia are delivered by sea vessel to Alexandria. There they will be loaded to smaller coaster boats, which can cover the 80 kilometers distance to the port of Burullus thanks to their lower draught.

DB Schenker has organised the necessary preliminary work allowing the unloading of the heavy components there: the draught of the small fishing harbor had to be extended to 5.50 meters, the quay had to be reinforced, appropriate access routes and intermediate storage areas had to be prepared. A 600-tonne crane was built to load the parts on low-loaders.