Danube Shipping Management Services GmbH celebrates its 25th anniversary

DSMS is a leading transport service provider in Central and Eastern Europe, specialising on river and maritime shipping

Danube Shipping Management Services GmbH celebrates its 25th anniversary

Thanks to its comprehensive expertise and a big network of ship operators, the Vienna-based company Danube Shipping Management Service GmbH (DSMS), has been able to carry about 60 million tonnes of goods since it was founded in 1991. Today, the company carries about 3.5 million tonnes of goods per year, generating annual sales of ERU 35 million lately, and counts among the top 50 providers of transport logistics services in Austria.

“We are narrowly analysing the developments in the logistics industry, drawing conclusions and taking the required actions to improve our customer service. This is the only way to the future“, Vadim Vdovitchenko, Managing Director DSMS says in the interview with the Austrian transport magazine Österreichische Verkehrszeitung.

According to this principle, DSMS was presented at its 25th anniversary as a specialist for developing, implementing and managing customised logistics solutions for customers from the raw materials sector, the steel industry, but also the international project business, including forwarders.

The 10 employees at the company’s headquarters in Vienna are organising end-to-end service systems, by joining together services of river shipping companies, port operators, warehouse operators, railway companies and truck carriers like a jigsaw. This with the utmost precision, guaranteeing supply security of the customers at any time.

In its current issue ÖVZ features a detailed report on DSMS.