Dachser celebrates 20 years anniversary with the DIY industry

The logistics group is moving over 4.6 million shipments each year across Europe as well as in Asia and the U.S.

Dachser celebrates 20 years anniversary with the DIY industry

Dachser DIY-Logistics, the world’s biggest industry-specific solution for the construction, DIY, and gardening sector, is celebrating its twentieth anniversary in 2018. As a partner of the Heimwerken, Bauen und Garten e.V. (BHB) trade association, the logistics service provider is also making an appearance at the International Hardware Fair in Cologne.

Twenty years ago, Dachser pooled its expertise in construction, DIY, and gardening logistics in a central team, located in Cologne and led by Ralf Meistes. The team met with great success: today, the industry-specific solution covers all of Europe as well as the key intercontinental markets in Asia and the U.S., moving over 4.6 million shipments each year. Optimum bundling and firm delivery windows for all 18,000 DIY stores in Europe ensure efficiency at the loading dock; a merchandising service even puts the products right on the shelves.

“We have successfully supported our customers, on both the manufacturing and the retail end, through all the changes of the past twenty years,” Meistes continues. “They include the grouping and efficiency improvement of deliveries, plus merchandising, internationalization, and returns of seasonal goods. Current challenges are e-commerce, omnichannel concepts, and sustainable deliveries to city centers, where DIY stores are increasingly becoming pure showrooms. One trend is quite plain to see: in the past two decades, logistics has gone from being a cost factor to a success factor for the companies in this industry.”