Czech C.S.Cargo to be top in corporate diversity

Approximately 70 companies entered more than 100 projects and strategies at 2016 TOP Responsible Company in the Czech Republic

Czech C.S.Cargo to be top in corporate diversity

The original C.S.Cargo recruitment campaign ‘I’m a Woman and I Drive for C.S.Cargo’ won a Bronze at the 2016 TOP Responsible Company Awards for its contribution to corporate diversity. The competition, already in its 13th year, was again hosted by an independent professional platform Business for Society.

TOP Responsible Company highlights and recognizes strategic activities in the field of sustainable and socially responsible business. C.S.Cargo and its recruitment campaign of this year which, in addition to men, reached out to also to women drivers, placed third in the category Diversity 2016 sponsored by GSK, for its contribution to promoting diversity in the corporate sector. The Diversity Award recognizes businesses which strategically promote age, gender and other forms of diversity in their work teams and contribute to a positive perception of diversity in the corporate sector.

“The profession of a truck driver is not a male privilege. As is the case in other industries, modern technology facilitates greater participation of women. With that in mind, we decided to focus our annual recruitment campaign on women. Our experience with the women drivers who have been with us for a long time shows that women, with their way of doing things, can help resolve situations and bring new experience to the business. We also pay women the same as we do their male colleagues and women enjoy equal treatment in all respects. We are proud to have come third in such a competitive field of entries,” said Aleš Willert, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, C.S.Cargo.

The C.S.Cargo Group is a leading Central European provider of road, air, sea and rail transport services and a comprehensive range of logistics services. The group operates through its subsidiaries in four Central European countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Germany) and in Russia.