Concentrated charge of cargo charter flights at airport linz

Canadian Cargojet Airlines transports products from Upper Austria to Montreal for further processing

Concentrated charge of cargo charter flights at airport linz

blue danube airport linz will see a number of cargo charter flights in the near future. It started last weekend with a Boeing 767-3H9 ER / BCF of Cargojet Airlines from Canada. Several cargo charter flights between Linz and Montreal, Canada are on the schedule for a company based in Upper Austria. The company’s products are flown for further processing close Montreal in Canada.

For the cargo version of the Boeing 767, this was the first landing in Linz. 11 years ago, the Boeing 767 has landed in Linz twice, as a passenger aircraft then. For the apron team of the blue danube airport linz, the first landing of a B767F confirmed that all kinds of cargo aircraft can be handled there.

The next landing (MD11, Western Global) is scheduled for Friday, December 2nd at 17:50, with departure on Sunday, December 4, at 9:00. In addition, the landing of a B757 operated by Icelandair Cargo is scheduled for Friday December 9, at 19:00 and departure on Friday December 16, at 20:00.

Cargojet Airlines, based in Mississauga in the state of Ontario, operates a fleet of 7 Boeing 727F, 5 Boeing 757-200F, 1 Boeing 767-200ER/F and 8 Boeing 767-300ER/F. In addition to numerous freight lines within Canada, the airline operates on individual routes to the United States, the Caribbean, South America and Cologne as the only regular European destination.