Close to EUR 700 million group revenue for cargo-partner

Substantial increase in air freight volume and contract logistics; more than 1 million shipments in 2017

Close to EUR 700 million group revenue for cargo-partner

The international transport and info-logistics provider cargo-partner has increased its turnover once again, and registered a positive development in all business areas in 2017. The consolidated turnover has risen by over 26 per cent from EUR 555 million in 2016 to EUR 698 million in 2017. The logistics group’s net profit amounted to EUR 6 million euro with EUR 56 million in equity, which corresponds to an equity ratio of 30 per cent.

“We had a successful start into the business year and have achieved volume growth in all our business areas. The general upward trend was further strengthened by the global economic upswing. We are delighted to confirm that we stay on our path and we will do all we can to continue this way,” said Stefan Krauter, CEO cargo-partner.

Last year, cargo-partner handled a total of 1.001 million shipments. This is approximately 90,000 units more than in 2016. The company registered a particularly strong growth in air freight volume: the tonnage has risen by 23 per cent to 171,000 tonnes. In sea freight business, the transport and info-logistics provider was also able to increase the volume by 9 percent to 1,831,000 tonnes. As for trucking and logistics, cargo-partner exceeded the 1-million mark for the first time with 1,018,000 tonnes of cargo.

cargo-partner also registered substantial growth in the contract logistics sector thanks to several significant recent expansions. In addition to the newly constructed iLogistics Center at the company headquarters near Vienna Airport with a total area of over 12,200 m² (opening in autumn 2018), cargo-partner recently invested in a new warehouse in Sofia, Bulgaria (16,500 m²) as well as in the expansion of its logistics center in Dunajska Streda, Slovakia (from 7,200 m² to 14,200 m² in 2017, with a further expansion by 4,000 m² by the end of 2018) and new warehouse locations in Germany, Slovenia, Hong Kong and the US.