Circus Roncalli counts on Rail Cargo Group

Rail Cargo Group is responsible for the whole tour in Austria and for the first time also in Germany

Circus Roncalli counts on Rail Cargo Group

The Rail Cargo Group continues its successful cooperation with the Europe-wide renowned Circus Roncalli also this year. The German circus enterprise celebrates its 40th anniversary and relies during its anniversary tour on the support of the freight division of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) and their customized carrier and logistics services. For the first time the Rail Cargo Group also takes care of the handling of the transports within Germany.

Circus Roncalli is one of the last few circus and fairground companies that still uses the railway for its logistics and which attaches great importance to this traditional way of transportation. Longstanding partners for the transport of circus equipment on rails is the Rail Cargo Group.

Under the auspices of Rail Cargo Logistics – Germany GmbH, 50 biaxial flat wagons are provided for transport between the different venues for the duration of the anniversary tour which takes several months. For the first time not only the transports in Austria are accompanied, but also all logistical tasks in Germany are handled.

Circus and fairground carts, miscellaneous equipment such as fences and tarpaulins and small vehicles with a total weight of up to 1,200 tonnes are transported on a 700 meters long block train. Customer of Rail Cargo Logistics – Germany GmbH is the Transa Spedition GmbH, which is the service provider of the Circus Roncalli GmbH.

The loading and unloading process proves to be extremely complex. Due to the length of the train it can not be loaded as a whole. Ten flat wagons are therefore positioned at the end-loading ramp and loaded with the help of compact tractors. In total, the loading of all transportable parts takes about 15 hours and must be split into two days.