Christian Vogt moves to the top of DLH Austria

Deutsche Logistik Holding reorganises its Management Boards in Austria and Germany

Christian Vogt moves to the top of DLH Austria Bild: DLH Austria, Christian Vogt

Mario Sander, Managing Director of Deutsche Logistik Holding (DLH) with responsibility for Germany and Austria, handed over his management mandates to Felix Zilling, Christoph Telker and Christian Vogt on 31st August 2019 and leaves the company at his own request and in agreement with the Zech Group Managing directors.

In the new structure Christian Vogt is leading the fortunes of DLH Austria in Austria. The Management Boards will continue to report directly to the Chairman of Deutsche Immobilien Holding AG (DIH AG), Mr. Rainer Eichholz.

“We thank Mr. Sander for his excellent work and wish him all the best, both professionally and personally. At the same time, we look forward to working together with the three new Managing Directors Felix Zilling, Christoph Telker and Christian Vogt, who were already responsible at DLH and will now continue to promote the development of DLH “, said Rainer Eichholz, DIH AG Managing Director and Managing Director of Zech Group.

DLH develops and implements a wide range of flexible storage, industrial and production facilities. The Zech Group is a strategic management holding company, which combines four business units with operating management companies. The operating companies are active in the areas of building, real estate, hotel and international & consulting. The diversified group of companies with more than 8,000 employees focuses on the value chain around real estate.