“Chinese whispers” comes to and an end for trucking

Dakosy’s new app promotes transparency along supply chains and supports transport planners with their work

“Chinese whispers” comes to and an end for trucking Bild: Dakosy

The Hamburg-based software company Dakosy is about to launch a new application. Their DESTANDO app enables customers of truck transports to easily receive information on the status of their cargo. It only requires drivers to have a smartphone.

With a share of around 80 per cent of the modal split, trucks are by far the most used mode of transport in the freight transport sector. It is therefore crucial for customers of road transport to know the current status of their shipment. That’s why Dakosy has developed the new status app for truck transport.

“Our new status provides the relevant information at the right time. DESTANDO creates transparency where previously the principle of ‘Chinese whispers’ had been used,” says Nicolai Port, Dakosy’s Department of Transport.

DESTANDO enables all parties involved in truck transport to have a direct exchange. The information exchange is limited to the essentials. Since this can vary from case to case, the respective client has the option of pre-determining which data the driver should report back to them. This ensures that only the necessary information is passed on.

When designing the app, simple operation was in the foreground. That’s why DESTANDO works with simple symbols and templates. With the help of these overlays, the driver only needs to click on the current status of the transport.

Before the start of a tour, the client of a truck transport company – which may be shipowners, freight forwarders, container operators or haulage companies – enters the necessary data in DESTANDO and immediately receives a tour reference in the form of a web link and a QR code. These are sent to the executing carrier or directly to the driver.

The driver can then scan the QR code with their smartphone and immediately receive all relevant data for the tour. The app returns the status information specified in advance by the client. This applies to pick-up, arrival or break times and also pictures showing the state of the goods or possible damage. Delivery notes can also be sent immediately.

For users of the Dakosy product UNIKAT GE, the new application is now available free of charge for three months for testing. All other customers can integrate DESTANDO into their existing solutions.

Dakosy has been providing digital solutions for international freight forwarding, customs clearance and supply chain management for more than 35 years. In addition, the company operates the Port Community System (PCS) for the Port of Hamburg and the Cargo Community System (FAIR @ Link) for Frankfurt Airport. All companies and authorities involved in the export and import processes can use the digital platforms to handle their transport processes quickly and automatically.