Chinese investor “landing” in Frankfurt Hahn

The purchaser of Frankfurt Hahn airport is Shanghai Yiqian Trading Co. Limited

Chinese investor “landing” in Frankfurt Hahn

The federal state of Rheinland-Pfalz signed a contract with the Chinese investor Shanghai Yiqian Trading Co. Limited, concluding the sale of its majority share of 82.5 percent in Frankfurt Hahn airport. The buyer and its partners in this transaction are particularly active in the fields of aviation, logistics and international trade.

“With the acquisition by a private investor, a new chapter opens for Hahn, which will provide further impetus for the development of the airport,” said Roger Lewentz, Minister of Internal Affairs. A law on the sale of the Hahn airport announced by Prime Minister Malu Dreyer shall allow the state parliament to approve the sale before the summer break .

“The buyer has committed itself to pay a purchase price in the low double-digit million euro range for the share of the federal state in the FFHG,” said Roger Lewentz. The purchase price was verified by bank confirmation and comes to maturity once the agreement is executed, thus is approved by the state parliament, and the European Commission has approved the future operating aid for the execution of the contract, which is expected for this summer.

The concept of the investor provides for sustainable expansion of the cargo and passenger businesses at the site through close cooperation with Asian partner companies and achieve greater utilization of the airport. The operating license for 24-hours operation, the excellent infrastructure, but also the flexibility and motivation of staff serve as a basis therefore.

The investor is also considering the acquisition of plots on the land side, confirming its long-term approach at the Hahn airport.