Check of Trucker cards at Hamburg’s HHLA terminals

Using the Trucker card of a different person will result in a temporary ban from the HHLA premises

Check of Trucker cards at Hamburg’s HHLA terminals

Starting 21st November 2018, some processes at Hamburg’s HHLA terminals will be modified in order to accelerate dispatch and delivery of containers. The following rules will become effective:

1. Different check of seals, different interchange receipts

Upon delivery and dispatch of full containers, Check-Gates will only check presence of a High Security (HS) Seal rather than recording the actual seal number. In case of a missing HS-Seal the containers will get a new HS-Seal at the Check-Gate. The new seal number will be recorded.

However, a seal number will only be reported on the Equipment Interchange Receipt if transmitted by the carrier in advance or if a new HS-seal was applied by the terminal.

2. Check of empty containers

Empty containers will only be checked regarding their transportability and functionality from the outside during dispatch / delivery. Doors only need to be opened for regular spot checks. Truck drivers are asked to open doors of empty containers within the Check-Gates only upon specific order of HHLA personnel.

3. Omission of damage codes

In case of detecting a major deficiency on transportability and functionality of a container within dispatch / delivery the condition of the container will be set to “damaged”. No further documentation of damages found will be carried out. The Equipment Interchange Receipt will not contain specifics on the kind of damage anymore.

4. CTA: Check of empty containers at Gate-In / Out

Checks of in-/outbound empty containers will not be carried out in the Empty Storage Area of CTA anymore. The Empty Storage Area at CTA remains as a handling zone for trucks. Like full containers, all empty containers are routed through the central CTA Truck Gate. You will also print your Interchange Receipts and Terminal Routing for empty dispatch / delivery at this stage.

As today, all containers designated for KTH keep passing through the separate KTH-Gate.

5. Check of Trucker cards

Routine checks of Trucker cards will be carried out at all HHLA Terminals to monitor compliance with applicable security regulations. When asked by HHLA personnel, a personalised trucker card along with a valid Photo ID must be presented by the trucker. If the Trucker card of a different person is used it will be confiscated by the terminal personnel. The pre-announcement number (PAN) will be cancelled, dispatch / delivery of containers is not possible. Furthermore, using the Trucker card of a different person leads to a temporary ban from HHLA premises.

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