Change in the management board of MUK/Transthermos

Neo-head Jens Hilsen, together with Marcus Hoffmann-Rothe, will boost the business and development of the frozen food specialist MUK/Transthermos

Change in the management board of MUK/Transthermos

Owing to differing views concerning the future direction of the company, the Nagel-Group has parted ways with the managing director of MUK/Transthermos, Mr Sebastian Dietrich. Effective immediately, Jens Hilsen will join the management board of MUK/Transthermos, the frozen food specialist which is part of the European-wide operating food logistics company, the Nagel-Group.

The new managing director of MUK/Transthermos, Mr Jens Hilsen, is a trained forwarding agent and holds a degree in business administration. He is well connected in the frozen food sector and he brings extensive knowledge and practical experience from the areas of food logistics and frozen food logistics to his new position.

Jens Hilsen started his career at the Nagel-Group in 1998 and was responsible for the positive development of the Kraftverkehr Nagel branch in Deißlingen, where he served as manager for twelve years. He joined the management team responsible for the Nagel-Group’s frozen business in November 2010. In this role, he contributed significantly in developing Nagel-Group’s frozen food network and enabled it to become established in the market in Germany. Prior to joining MUK/Transthermos, Mr Hilsen was again appointed branch manager of the branch in Deißlingen in 2015 and also took on the role of managing director of the Nagel-Group affiliate in Switzerland.

“The frozen food market will continue to grow and change. Therefore, I am very pleased to be given the opportunity to contribute to this future-oriented area of logistics. Transthermos is a well-positioned company, where we can achieve great things together in order to meet new market requirements and the high-quality requirements of the customer,” says Jens Hilsen.

MUK/Transthermos has been a company of Nagel-Group, the food logistics group, since 2016. The company is a big German provider of deep freeze logistics and has more than 1,000 employees at 22 locations with a total warehouse capacity of 347,000 pallet slots. Every year they shock-frost, pick, pack and handle more than 2.2 million pallets, and transport 3.6 million pallets.