Change in the management board of Gysev Cargo Zrt.

János Skala, Director General of Gysev Cargo Zrt. has temporarily withdrawn from the management board

Change in the management board of Gysev Cargo Zrt.

A personnel change is becoming effective with Gysev Cargo Zrt. these days. János Skala, Director General of the company has temporarily withdrawn from the operational management due to personal reasons. His membership in the Board remains upright, the company informs in a press release.

The acting Director General János Boda, former Deputy Director General for sales and operating will assume the duties of the office as of December 31, 2016. At the same time, Mr. Boda was appointed to join the board as a fourth member, thus the continuity of the operational business of the company is fully guaranteed.

The legally independent company engaged in railway goods transport and has been carrying out the railway goods transport and logistics activities of Gysev Zrt. operating in an integrated form since the beginning of 2011. Within its scope of activities, it assumes a significant role on the one hand in the conventional and combined market segment of east-west and north-south European transit railway goods transport and, on the other hand, in Hungarian and Austrian railway transport of imported and exported goods.