CEO Dr. Jürgen Wilder leaves DB Cargo AG

Deutsche Bahn AG: Also the second attempt to promote Jürgen Wilder to the Management Board for Transport and Logistics has failed

CEO Dr. Jürgen Wilder leaves DB Cargo AG

Dr. Jürgen Wilder, CEO DB Cargo AG, is no longer available for the position at the DB Management Board for Freight Transport and Logistics. “In view of the current discussions, I have decided to withdraw my application. With this decision, I would like to contribute to the fact that DB Cargo AG will once again focus on business topics and not on personnel issues,” the 47-year-old physicist explained on Tuesday in Berlin. In December 2015 he moved from Siemens AG to Deutsche Bahn AG.

Berthold Huber, who is responsible for Cargo, announced that Jürgen Wilder and DB “agreed on best terms” that he would step back from his function as CEO of DB Cargo AG at the end of October 2017.

Berthold Huber added: “Although I am very sorry for the recent development, this decision is hopefully contributing to the objectification of the debate. We express our sincere thanks to Jürgen Wilder for his unusually great commitment to pushing rail freight traffic forward. The first success is becoming visible also thanks to him.”