Central logistics hub in Upper Austria for DHL Express

Together with an external investor a new location at Linz-Hörsching Airport will be built for EUR 25.5 million

Central logistics hub in Upper Austria for DHL Express

With the official approval by the group’s committees in August, the scheduled construction start of the new location in Upper Austria is coming closer. After the express service provider has already invested into two new service centers in Styria in 2014, and in Klagenfurt in 2016, the new construction at the Linz-Hörsching airport will be the third and biggest step to modernise their Austrian network. It should be completed by April 2019.

Ralf Schweighöfer, Country Manager DHL Express Austria, explains why they selected this location: “Combining the units at the Linz airport and the domestic hub from Franzosenhausweg creates numerous synergies and the highest quality advantages for our customers and the dispatch processing in our company’s network. Like in Peggau and Klagenfurt, the building complex is tailored to our needs, meets the highest safety standards and enables us to handle our shipment volumes of up to 10 million parcels per year in an efficient and resource-saving manner.”

Thanks to the now ideal size of the building, 10 percent less resources will be consumed in the future. Once completed, the new building will save a total of more than 360 tonnes of CO² annually. State-of-the-art ventilation systems are supported by a highly efficient, CO²-neutral heat pump, which ensures a consistently ideal room climate for the 180 employees at the new location.