CargoServ expands its operating range to Germany

The private rail company is now authorised to carry out cargo transportations on the public rail network in the Federal Republic of Germany

CargoServ expands its operating range to Germany

CargoServ’s trains are now authorised for cargo transport on the public rail network of the Federal Republic of Germany. The company has recently received the relevant notive of the German Federal Railway Authority. “The requirements and demands are that high, meaning this authorisation is almost euqal to an award,” says Markus Schinko, Managing Director CargoServ.

However it will still take some time before the transportations will actually cross the border with CargoServ staff. Therefore, the partnerships with German rail companies will be maintained. “We plan to involve our proven cooperation partners in our projects in the future as well,” says Gerhard Lumetsberger.

Training of the staff, risk analysis and drafting of appropriate contracts will be “put on track” in the coming weeks and months. Once the interface at the German-Austrian border is eliminated, it’s already a great gain and there will be no more obstacles for implementing new transport systems, the company announces.

Competing with road transport, the railway sector is traditionally very much demanded. Many regulations and requirements bind resources so that only innovative transport systems and new framework conditions such as the safety certification of the German Federal Railway Authority allow expansion of this business area.

CargoServ is a private railway company offering alternative railway systems for cargo transport by block trains on the public rail network. The wholly-onwed subsidiary of Logistik Service GmbH (LogServ) carries out cargo transports on the public rail infrastructure. They move an annual volume of 4 million tonnes of raw materials and finished products.