Cargolux freighter aircraft “Powered by Panalpina”

Cargolux Airlines last week unveiled their freshly decorated airplane “Spirit of Panalpina”

Cargolux freighter aircraft “Powered by Panalpina”

Panalpina and Cargolux enjoy a unique situation – sharing a global business relationship for imports, exports and transit via the busy international hub in Luxembourg. The Cargolux network is complemented by Panalpina’s Charter Network, which caters to a sophisticated market and offers tailor-made transport solutions for goods across the world.

In honor of the continuous support Panalpina has given the cargo carrier since the early 1970’s and the joint vision both companies share for future growth, Cargolux added a ‘Powered by Panalpina’ slogan to the livery of one of its aircraft. This Boeing 747-F, with the registration LX VCH, has been a part of Cargolux’s fleet since May 2013.

The combined global network of both companies supports doing business worldwide, rather than relying on just one or two regions. Since Cargolux started its first flight to and from Hong Kong, Panalpina has been Cargolux’s number one customer out of Asia. Dedicated space across the Atlantic is also the result of great collaboration between the two companies. The partnership enables both companies to conduct business where they have a joint presence.;