cargo-partner now fully bet on SPOT SCM platform

The SPOT supply chain management platform has received a comprehensive upgrade, offering advanced reporting options

cargo-partner now fully bet on SPOT SCM platform

SPOT is a supply chain visibility and collaboration platform streamlining the flow of communication, information and goods along the entire supply chain. The SPOT supply chain management platform was originally launched in 2000 and has been continuously developed since then. In 2016, a major upgrade was completed, adding a range of new features and taking the platform to the next level of state-of-the-art technology.

The upgraded version of the SPOT visibility and collaboration platform went online for all cargo-partner road transports in October 2016 and has now been implemented for all air and sea transports as well. Features of the new systems include a Dashboard, more customizable Communicator settings, advanced reporting options and improved visualizations of statuses and discrepancies.

The new, customisable dashboard shows users all important information at a glance. Simple status visualizations make tracking and tracing shipments easier and more intuitive. Users can define when and how they want to receive discrepancy alerts to stay on top of their shipments at all times.

The Purchasing Manager of Istac Promotion, an Austrian producer of advertising materials, states: “With SPOT we’re always up to date. We really like the dashboard for getting a quick overview.”

The SPOT Communicator offers an efficient and well-structured alternative to exchanging information via e-mail. The new Communicator Settings make it easier to define exactly which parties in the supply chain should receive which information. This ensures a targeted flow of communication and reduces administrative effort.

The new SPOT system also provides a range of advantages to help cargo-partner’s operational staff handle orders more efficiently and enhance process quality. The customisable dashboard facilitates consolidation to ensure the most efficient use of resources. Responsibilities are clearly assigned and every operator has a simple overview of their shipments including route visualizations and notifications of all upcoming deadlines.

The SPOT platform currently has over 20,000 registered users. On average, 600,000 transport orders per year are placed via the platform.;