cargo-partner is well on track in Trans Siberian rail transport

The rail service between Asia and Europe offers 50 percent faster transit times than sea freight and 60 percent lower prices than air freight

cargo-partner is well on track in Trans Siberian rail transport

cargo-partner, an international logistics provider has been offering rail transports for full (FCL) and part load (LCL) containers on the Trans Siberian route for several years. In 2017, cargo-partner has seen LCL cargo volumes doubling and a 50 percent increase in FCL volumes transported by rail from Asia to Europe. By the end of this year, cargo-partner expects cargo volumes to reach 12,000 m³ in LCL transport from Asia to Europe.

As for imports from Asia, container transport by rail is a cost-efficient and environment-friendly alternative to air freight. In the part load sector, cargo-partner makes use of direct rail connections from Wuhan and Changsha (China) to Warsaw (Poland). LCL shipments are consolidated in Shanghai or Shenzhen.

The main runs by rail take 14 to 16 days. The goods are then delivered to their final destinations in Europe via the cargo-partner distribution centres in Poland by road transport within 2 to 4 days.

In addition, cargo-partner has registered a growing demand for rail transport solutions from Europe to China and is continuously expanding its services on this route. cargo-partner’s SPOT Visibility & Collaboration Platform enables seamless shipment tracking. If required, additional factors such as light, humidity and vibration can be monitored by means of special equipment throughout the transport.