Camion Transport and SBB Cargo get Coca-Cola on the rails

Since 1936, Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland has been producing more than 80 percent of its drinks on the spot in Dietlikon and Vals

Camion Transport and SBB Cargo get Coca-Cola on the rails Bild: SBB Cargo

SBB Cargo and Camion Transport AG once again make common cause: since spring, they have been responsible for the distribution of Coca-Cola to several regions of Switzerland – a further milestone in the long-standing cooperation of the two transport companies.

Camion Transport AG coordinates the new transports for Coca-Cola. Since 1996, SBB Cargo has been working together with the longstanding transport and logistics company in the general cargo sector.

Following the initial discussions about two years ago, an intensive planning phase and first pilot trips at the end of 2018, SBB Cargo operates today 190 pallets a week with Coca-Cola products from Rümlang to the Migros regional centers. During promotion campaigns, the transport volume is up to 760 pallets per week, or 22,000 pallets per year with 160 different products of Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland.

The beverages are transported by truck from the bottling plant in Brüttisellen, Zurich, to the Camion Transport warehouse in Rümlang, where the goods are loaded to SBB Cargo freight wagons, on which the pallets are transported to nine different Migros regional warehouses throughout Switzerland.

Convincing companies of a rail solution is not always easy. Transport by road is much more flexible than by rail, which is why short-term changes to rail solutions are only possible to a limited extent.

At the beginning of the new partnership with Coca-Cola, it was also important to consider the interests of all involved parties and to coordinate the various IT systems – which was not exactly a simple task. Meanwhile they got it right for all parties involved, Key Account Manager Marcel Roth of SBB Cargo is convinced.;