BUD Cargo City welcomes cargo-partner among the first tenants

Budapest Airport: Construction of a building dedicated for forwarders commenced at the end of January

BUD Cargo City welcomes cargo-partner among the first tenants

Construction of BUD Cargo City is progressing rapidly at Budapest Airport. In the framework of the project and with a price tag of HUF 10 billion (EUR 32.6 million), fully financed by Budapest Airport, construction of an additional building also commenced in January where forwarders arranging road transportation of air cargo will be accommodated. The forwarders complex will feature a 7500-square-meter warehouse with an office mezzanine, and a 3-storey office block, all added to the capacity of Cargo City.

The goal of Budapest Airport with the construction of BUD Cargo City is to create a communal space where different actors in the market – handling companies, forwarders, agents, airlines, and the authorities – can effectively cooperate under one roof, making them more efficient in the course of their daily work. In this community, Budapest Airport is welcoming its long-term partner, cargo-partner Kft, among the first members.

The logistics company with over 130 offices in 30 countries across the globe is operating at the airport in Budapest since 1994 (25 years), and is currently regarded as one of the leading logistics companies in Hungary. By moving into BUD Cargo City, cargo-partner extends its capacity with warehouse space of 1,200 square meters, and offices on more than 400 square meters.

“We at cargo-partner welcome the BUD Cargo City project, and we were sure we had to be one of the first tenants in the forwarder building. This unique opportunity gives us an excellent background for offering an enhanced, faster and more cost-efficient, and therefore more competitive service to our partners,” says Attila Becze, regional director of cargo-partner responsible for their Hungarian and Romanian operations.

René Droese, director Property and Cargo of Budapest Airport underlines: “We are continuously working on strengthening the role of Budapest Airport as an air cargo hub of Central Eastern Europe. BUD Cargo City will offer an ideal environment where different companies whose activities are focused on air cargo will be able to work together as a community.”

BUD Cargo City is to be handed over to tenants by the end of 2019. Right next to the new 20,000-square-meter warehouse, an adjoining new cargo apron of 32,000 square meters will be handed over where two Boeing B-747-8F freighters can be serviced simultaneously. The BUD Cargo City project is included in the BUD 2020 airport development program, in the framework of which Budapest Airport is investing HUF 55-60 billion (EUR 160-180 million) of its own resources into the development of the airport.