Brussels Airlines: ULD management goes to Jettainer

Jettainer expanding its network to a number of African countries and regions through its new Belgian customer

Brussels Airlines: ULD management goes to Jettainer

Jettainer, an international leading service partner for outsourced management of loading equipment, has assumed control and maintenance of containers for Brussels Airlines. Symbolically for the launch, the airline received a ULD with a special design, which will be an ambassador for both companies. The change of ULD management provider became effective on 5 February.

With immediate effect, Brussels Airlines has a brand new fleet of approximately 1,000 units. Most of them are AKE, all modern lightweight containers. The weight reduction while keeping the robustness helps to reduce fuel costs and thus benefits the environment.

“We are very confident in our cooperation with Brussels Airlines. This means that our station network expands significantly in the direction of Africa. We are very proud to offer our latest customer a number of innovations. In addition to the loading units, the modern lightweight containers that provide economic and environmental benefits, this means also improvements in the company’s IT systems. The new JettApp reflects our continuous development and innovative strength,” says Martin Kraemer, Head of Marketing & PR at Jettainer.

Jettainer’s own IT solution Jettware is offered also on smartphones for the first time, in addition to the extremely robust Rugged Tablets, the JettPads. The company thus meets the demand for even greater flexibility and easy applicability by the employees at the stations.

Brussels Airlines, a member of the Lufthansa Group and the Star Alliance, is the Belgian airline offering the largest range of flights to and from the European capital Brussels. The company has more than 3,500 employees and operates with 49 aircraft up to 300 daily flights, connecting the capital of Europe to more than 90 European and African destinations as well as the airports JFK, Washington DC and Toronto. In March 2017, the airline launches five weekly flights to Mumbai (India). Long haul flights are operated with Airbus A330-300 / A330-200.;