Bridge trailer allows for transport of 86-tonne containers

In cooperation with Felbermayr Bau-Trans transported a storage container from Steinhaus, near Wels to Schwechat

Bridge trailer allows for transport of 86-tonne containers

Bau-Trans carried out two special transport jobs using a bridge trailer in early September. Departing from Steinhaus close to Wels they transported two 86-tonne containers. It took about half a year to prepare the transport using this special flatbed trailer.

“Due to an overall transport weight of some 250 tonnes, a bridge had to be statically calculated. Secondly, because of its overall length of some 74 metres, a temporary motorway exit had to be installed,” Josef Amman, the Department Manager for Heavy Haulage Transports explains the background of this special transport jobs carried out in cooperation with Felbermayr.

The two storage containers weighed in at 86 tonnes each and sported a length of roughly 27 metres. They measured some four metres in diameter. “Due to the inclines en route, the transports also required us to use a pusher unit,” Amman reports. The tractor unit was a Mercedes Arocs 8×6 with 630 bhp. An MAN TGX 8×4 with 640 bhp pushed the unit.

The bridge trailer was used because of the containers’ length of 27 metres. Thanks to its special construction the freight can, for instance, be lifted about six feet and thus be pivoted on top of barriers and other obstacles if tight corner radii or roundabouts make it necessary.

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