Bremenports in the container business area drop to less than 5 million TEU

Deepening the fairway of the Outer Weser is essential for the competitiveness of Bremerhaven

Bremenports in the container business area drop to less than 5 million TEU Bild: Senatspressestelle Bremen

The Bremen ports are basically well positioned. For the future, however, it will be necessary to further expand the port infrastructure, Robert Howe, Managing Director of bremenports, said at the state press conference on the port year 2019.

Based on estimates by Dr Claudia Schilling, Senator for Science and Ports, the quays and terminals of the twin ports in Bremen are expected to handle 71.2 million tonnes (minus 4.3 percent) of goods by sea in 2019. At 13.2 million tonnes, the port facilities in Bremen City were able to increase their transhipment by 7.2 percent. Bremerhaven recorded a minus of 6.5 per cent with 58 million tonnes.

The reason for this decline in transhipment in Bremerhaven is the containser transhipment volume of 52.8 million tonnes (minus 7 per cent). At 4.9 million TEU, the number of containers will also be 9 per cent lower than in the previous year. Tim Cordßen, State Councillor to the Senator for Science and Ports: “This significant decline results from the shift of four North Atlantic services of Hapag-Lloyd from Bremerhaven to Hamburg. This Group policy decision means nothing when it comes to the performance and competitiveness of the Bremen ports”.

“In 2019, the Bremerhaven container terminal once again showed its best side. The MSC container ships of the new generation were handled here without any problems. But for the productivity of the port a deeper draught is imperative. Deepening the fairway in the Outer Weser is a must,” says Robert Howe.

The managing director pointed out that a number of important investment projects are currently being prepared for the coming years. According to him, planning for the new Columbus quay and the northern pier at the fishing port advanced well. In addition, the completion of the West quays next year will create new opportunities for the Bremerhaven shipyard. Improvements to the infrastructure are also planned for the Bremen industrial harbour for 2020: the construction of a new jetty is to be prepared and the comprehensive renovation of the Oslebshausen lock is to be completed.