BMW places major order with Imperial Logistics International

Imperial Logistics International has been awarded the contract to manage BMW’s new 170,000 m² spare parts warehouse in Wallersdorf

BMW places major order with Imperial Logistics International

“By covering the operational processes of inbound, storing, picking & packing, and outbound, Imperial will guarantee that all the regional BMW spare parts centres around the world (regional distribution centres) will be supplied with high-volume, fast-moving BMW spare parts – i.e.those where demand is particularly high,” explains Christian Seidl, Director of the Automotive Business Unit at Imperial Logistics International.

So-called “A parts”, for example, doors, brake discs or instrument panels, are either supplied as complete loads on board trucks or parts come from the distribution centre right next door, which measures 30,000 m² and is managed by a different logistics specialist. Imperial is due to start operating the facility on 1 December this year.

The new distribution centre and warehouse in Wallersdorf, Dingolfing-Landau – situated south of the A92 motorway – is part of the reorganised global after-sales logistics operations within the BMW Group.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of the South African company Imperial Holdings Limited, Imperial Logistics International is responsible for coordinating and managing all the international logistics business outside Africa. More than 7,500 employees generate an annual turnover amounting to EUR 1.2 billion at 150 business locations.