BMW Group and Duvenbeck testing LNG technology for logistics

The German car manufacturer has completed a pilot project in collaboration with Iveco to test LNG-powered trucks for long-haul transports

BMW Group and Duvenbeck testing LNG technology for logistics


Iveco has pioneered natural gas technology for the past 20 years and is recognized today as a leader in this sector. It was chosen by German car manufacturer BMW Group for a two-week pilot project to test LNG as a solution to reduce the environmental impact of its logistics operations. The test, which was implemented with forwarding company Duvenbeck Logistics had an LNG-powered Iiveco Stralis NP 400 truck transport engines every day from the BMW manufacturing plant in Steyr, Austria to its facility Regensburg.

The test revealed that the Iveco Stralis NP 400 truck powered by LNG was able to compete with ease the 530 km round trip between Steyr and Regensburg with one tank. This is the alternative fuel that delivers the best autonomy in heavy goods transport: with electric traction, for example, the 530 km round trip would require recharging several times.

Dr. Thomas Irrenhauser, who supervised the trouble-free pilot operation on behalf of BMW within the framework of the project “Innovation and Industry 4.0”, sees LNG as a “reasonable, sustainable alternative to conventional diesel” in the long term. In direct comparison, emissions of nitrogen oxide are up to 60 per cent lower, and noise levels during operation are up to 50 per cent lower. Particulate matter emissions are negligible.

The logistics sector is increasingly looking at natural gas as a solution to reduce their environmental footprint and comply with ever-more stringent emissions regulations, while managing efficiently their resources. IVECO was the first to acknowledge the potential of natural gas in the commercial transport industry: this fuel can deliver 20 to 40 per cent savings in fuel costs, up to a 15 per cent reduction in fuel consumption compared to diesel, and provides the added benefit of quiet operation at less than 71dB on the Piek Quiet Truck Test. Trucks running on LNG improve air quality by significantly reducing CO2 and nitrogen oxide emissions and virtually eliminate Particulate Matter.

Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President comments: “We are very proud that BMW has taken in IVECO’s vision of the future of the sector, with natural gas being the next step towards sustainability. We are seeing a fast growing number of international manufacturers and logistics operators opting for LNG for their transport requirements. Many are choosing Iveco to convert their fleets to LNG, in view of the experience we have developed over the last 20 years.”