Blue Water to invest EUR 16 million in new cargo terminal

The increase in cargo volumes along with strengthening the distribution make Blue Water Shipping realise the construction of a large cargo terminal in Taulov

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The growth has been remarkable throughout the recent years in the transport and logistics company Blue Water Shipping. The increasing amount of clients as well as cargo volumes mean that the company will now invest in a 12,300 sqm cargo terminal as well as 1,800 sqm office facilities at the motorway close to Taulov in Fredericia. The project amounts to EUR 16 million and the cargo terminal and office are expected to be completed next summer.
“Today, Blue Water has a strong set-up with offices and terminals in several locations in Denmark. This means that we are close to the clients and are able to deliver their commodities and cargo quickly and effectively and we will uphold our local presence and the local jobs. The new large terminal will become the centre for our European road traffics as well as for our growing parcel activities. Also, a lot of sea freight will be handled in the new facilities in Taulov,” says Søren Nielsen, Director for General Cargo in Blue Water Shipping.
The new terminal will be 250 metres long and 50 metres wide. With 100 gates, the modern terminal will become the centre for import/export as well as distribution in Jutland with daily connections to the other Danish terminals. Once the terminal is fully operational, it is expected that 800-1,000 trucks will be handled on a weekly basis and already in the project phase, focus is on internal logistics, scanning systems and maximum automation of processes.