BLG takes over parts of the plant logistics for BMW Leipzig

A 16-member project team of BLG Logistics made the preparations to guarantee a successful rollout

BLG takes over parts of the plant logistics for BMW Leipzig

BLG Logistics has been managing parts of the logistics for the BMW plant Leipzig since January 1, 2016. The company performs service along the entire supply chain from receiving to warehouse management, sequencing and order picking as well as line supply all the way to handling empties on aproxx. 200,000 square meters at its client’s plant.

BLG manages the supply of the carmaker’s conventional models at the Leipzig site. The processing volume encompasses all parts for a daily production.

“The exceptional challenge of this job is the fact that we became involved in the framework of existing procedures and had to implement our services during the running processes,” states Robert Bommers, Managing Director of BLG Industrial Logistics.

Since 2012 BLG Industrial Logistics has been handling material supply in Wackersdorf for client BMW’s foreign production sites. For the logistics specialist the assumption of parts of the plant logistics management in Leipzig not only means expansion of business relations with the car manufacturer, but also strengthening of its presence in eastern Germany.