BLG AutoTerminal lifts XXL shipment for the rail industry

A train prototype of the manufacturer Hitachi Rail Europe recently passed the BLG AutoTerminal Bremerhaven

BLG AutoTerminal lifts XXL shipment for the rail industry

Weighing 44 tonnes, up to 23.9 meters long and 2.74 meters wide: the BLG AutoTerminal Bremerhaven recently loaded four railway cars of a train prototype belonging to Hitachi Rail Europe.

The XXL shipment from Kobe, Japan arrived in Bremerhaven on the car carrier Tulane. BLG’s High & Heavy specialists unloaded the 3.83 meters high railcars from the ship by means of a tug. After that the four units were transferred from their MAFI rail trailers to trucks using reach stackers. The special trucks for rail vehicles carried them to their destination – a test track for railroad vehicles in Velim, Czech Republic.

Precisely because the Hitachi railcars were prototypes, a great deal of intuitive instinct was required for the shipment. Exact planning of the procedures, a special safety concept and numerous preliminary meetings with all those involved were part of the preparation process. Finally, during vessel discharge the client Hitachi Transport System was present, as well as representatives of the shipping company, the stevedoring company and the truck transport companies.

“Everything went fine,” Matthias Witte, BLG Project Manager confirmed the successful shipment. “Our client praised the smooth operation and excellent performance of our team in Bremerhaven.” Another shipment via Bremerhaven is planned for this year.