Big intermodal projects in the port of Trieste

Expansion of rail links in the economic centers from/to Central and Eastern Europe is making fast progress

Big intermodal projects in the port of Trieste

In the port of Trieste, hinterland traffic by rail is gaining importance. The Port Authority expects the number of 10,000 trains to be exceeded in 2018 for the first time. This puts the port clearly ahead of all other ports in the Adriatic Sea, as the enterprise announced on October 3 at the event “Knotenpunkt Triest” by ICS Steiermark in the Cargo Center Graz.

As a measure to further stimulate intermodal transport, the connections from the Molo VII container terminal (Trieste Marine Terminal) to Central and Eastern Europe will be systematically expanded. In this context, the representatives of the port of Trieste have promised medium-term capacity expansions to and from Austria.

Until 2019, the timetable from Trieste (Samer Terminal) to Wels will be increased from currently seven weekly round trips to ten. This is accompanied by train extensions to Lambach.,,

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