Bertschi has been honoured as “Haulier of the year 2015” by Sabic

Arabian chemicals group Sabic distinguishes the Swiss logistics provider for its commitment in distribution logistics

Bertschi has been honoured as “Haulier of the year 2015” by Sabic

At the recent Sabic haulier day, Bertschi received the „Haulier of the year 2015“-award for silo transportation. With this award the chemicals group acknowledges Bertschi for its outstanding performance during 2015.

Based in Saudi Arabia, the Sabic group with 40,000 employees is one of the world’s largest producers of petrochemical products. The smooth running of all logistics processes plays a significant role in the distribution of their products, which Sabic recognises by this award.

Receiving this recognition from one of the most important and largest customers, has great significance to Bertschi. „We have received this award from Sabic for our excellent service and our commitment to optimise their supply chain, which shows the great appreciation for our daily hard work from one of our major customers.“, said Manfred Zulauf, Head of Dry Bulk at the occassion of the awarding ceremony.

Bertschi is a worldwide logistics provider for the chemical industry, specialized in both liquids and dry bulk products. The company employs 2,400 staff members at total 60 locations in 31 different countries worldwide. The family enterprise was founded in 1956 with headquarters in Switzerland and has an annual turnover of CHF 660 million. The company’s own fleet comprises 25,000 tank- and silo containers, 1,200 trucks and 25 container terminals.