Berger Logistik wins Mobility Award of the Austrian Traffic Club in Tyrol

Company mobility management makes public transport attractive for employees of Berger Logistik

Berger Logistik wins Mobility Award of the Austrian Traffic Club in Tyrol

Berger Logistik moved its business location from the industrial area in Radfeld, which was difficult to access, to the railway station Wörgl Hauptbahnhof. At the same time a great number of measures was implemented to allow the employees to reach their work place by environmentally friendly public transport, bicycle or even by foot for those who live in the area, and no longer need a car. Compared to the previous location around one million car kilometers per year can be avoided now with the new location of the headquarters, which is a reduction of climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions of at least 150,000 kilograms.

Among other things, walking and cycling is promoted to reach the work place. There is a good parking space for bicycles, a private storeroom, cloakrooms with showers and a charging station for electric bikes. Employees are offered a special ticket for using public transport for work (the company pays the costs of the annual pass and can benefit from tax concessions), the working hours are adapted to the timetables of trains and buses, and there is no free car parking any more.

Markus Gansterer, expert from the Austrian Traffic Club (VCÖ), Ingrid Felipe, Deputy of the state governor, and Wolfram Gehri, ÖBB Postbus Regional Manager presented the Austrian Traffic Club’s Mobility Award in Tyrol on September 15 to Roland Strauss, Markus Ley and Bernhard Ebner of Berger Logistik. Gansterer congratulates: “This project shows how big the potential is for climate protection through mobility management. A model, which is hopefully taken up and implemented by many offices in and outside of Tyrol.”

“The winning project of the Mobility Award in Tyrol is a living proof that good development by bus and train makes the change to public transport unbeatably attractive.Modern railway stations as hubs, served on a regular basis by trains and regional buses, make public transport a fixed companion for the way to the work place. ÖBB-Postbus is for many customers a part of the mobility chain and congratulates the representatives of this year’s winning project,” said ÖBB-Postbus Regional Manager Wolfram Gehri.

The Austrian Traffic Club’s Mobility Award in Tyrol is carried out by the Austrian Traffic Club in cooperation with the state of Tyrol and ÖBB, and is supported by Verkehrsverbund Tirol and TIWAG.;