Berger Logistik uses new method for integrity management

The study program “Business Management” at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences has worked out recommendations for the value and integrity management system

Berger Logistik uses new method for integrity management

For the empirical examination the project participants analysed existing studies on value management systems in business practice, and conducted several surveys of internal and external target groups that are relevant for Berger Logistik (Wörgl / Tyrol).

Based on the data collected, they were able to offer concrete recommendations for the implementation and optimisation of the existing integrity management system. In early March, the results of the practice project were presented and discussed in the new company building of Berger Logistik in Wörgl.

“Practice Projects like these are especially important for our students. So they can get a direct insight into the company’s everyday life, and use the theoretical knowledge of the topic of value-oriented corporate management”, said Prof. (FH) explained Dr. Wolfgang Klose, Programme Director, about the practical project.

“We are very pleased with the results of the cooperation and now have the opportunity, based on the results and content, to derive integrity management measures and to anchor them in the company”, says Mag. Matthias Lehmann, Berger Logistik.