Austria’s first Truck Checker on the A5 motorway nearby Schrick

New truck control station in Lower Austria to check people, technology and cargo

Austria’s first Truck Checker on the A5 motorway nearby Schrick

With the participation of numerous guests of honor, including representatives of the Ministries of Finance, Internal Affairs and Transport, of the government of Lower Austria, and the Austrian road construction and maintenance company Asfinag and the police, the new A 5 traffic control station Schrick in the Mistelbach district was opened on 26 July. Lower Austria’s new traffic control station is located north of Schrick on the A 5 Nord / Weinviertel motorway. Asfinag and the state of Lower Austria invested around EUR 6 million into the construction.

The new control station on the carriageway towards Vienna has state-of-the-art equipment. The exit from the A 5 is fully electronically. When entering the approximately 15,000 m² area, the trucks are measured – length, height and width are recorded. Then theyare weighed.

The innovation at the new traffic control station Schrick is called “Truck Checker”. This calibrated dynamic axle load scales reliably and legally weighs the vehicle without stopping the truck. Trucks can rol over it at up to 25 km / h. The accuracy of the weight is +/- one per cent.

The weight of all four axles displayed on the Truck Checker and the visual impression of the vehicle are ultimately decisive as to whether it is stopped and controlled more precisely. If no closer inspection is required, the truck drivers can immediately return to the highway. The goal is efficient controls through a swift “first check” of the trucks.

With this specially developed truck scale, the controls will be even more efficient in the future. Further detailed checks of the vehicles – such as tire profile or technical condition of the brakes – are carried out in the front area of ​​the test hall. In-depth checks of the load and exact technical checks are carried out by the emergency services in the test hall. If suspensions are necessary due to technical defects or customs of relevant measures, 39 truck parking spaces are available.

Systematic, random checks on motor vehicles – especially trucks – are a major contribution to increasing road safety. In order to ensure that these reviews are secure and comprehensive, Asfinag has developed and built 14 multifunctional traffic control stations (with Schrick) in cooperation with the federal states and the federal ministries of internal affairs and finance.

All review areas have the following features:

  • Electronic exit system
  • parking and handling area
  • Equipment for measuring the height, width and length of vehicles
  • Mobile and / or fixed scale for weight measurement of vehicles
  • Areas for initial optical controls such as tire profile, overheated brakes
  • Test hall for more intensive control of vehicles
  • Premises for administrative activities
  • Special feature of the traffic control station on the A 5: the “Truck Checker”

Via electronic overhead displays on the motorway or expressway, trucks are routed to the control station. Depending on the type of check, the display will only show trucks, or trucks and cars. The following checks are made:

By ASFINAG Service and Control Service of Maut Service GmbH

Checking the car and truck tolls
Weighing of special transports
Technical roadside inspections

By the police

Checks of the Highway Code
Controls of the motor and driving license laws

By the Federal Ministry of Finance

Customs investigation and customs revision activities

By the respective state

In-depth inspections according to the Austrian motor transport law § 56. Accordingly, motor vehicles which are concerning, have to be “reviewed by the authority”, whether they comply with the provisions of this federal law.