Austrian transport and logistics solutions for Central Asia

The Chinese Silk Road Initiative has great potential both for the domestic export industry and for logistics companies such as Gebrüder Weiss

Austrian transport and logistics solutions for Central Asia

Austria is currently presenting itself at the EXPO on the theme “Future Energy” in Astana as a strong economic partner for Kazakhstan and the Central Asia region. For the domestic export industry, a strong commitment in this region is crucial because of the Chinese Silk Road Initiative “One Belt, One Road” and the connection to the dynamic region of Central and South East Asia.

The Vorarlberg transport and logistics company Gebrüder Weiss has been successfully represented in this region for several years. Since last year, the transport and logistics company operating throughout Europe has been represented in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Against the backdrop of the Silk Road Initiative, which provides for the expansion of road, train and sea connections between Asia, Africa and Europe, the country’s great potential for transit has been recognised and is to be expanded to Kazakhstan

Gebrüder Weiss benefits from the numerous infrastructure projects that have emerged as a result of the expansion of the continental corridor between China and Western Europe, and has been able to acquire numerous local as well as regional customers and partners for its services, the transport of all types of cargo by land or air.

In the development of the Kazakh market, Gebrüder Weiss was assisted by experts from the foreign-trade center in Almaty. The company was able to network well and win customers through its extensive range of services in the areas of knowledge, platforms and partners.

Kazakhstan has become the economic leader country in Central Asia and according to the World Bank it is one of the top 10 reform countries worldwide. For Austria, Kazakhstan is the third-largest export market in the CIS (following Russia and Ukraine) and by far the largest trading partner in Central Asia. Over the past 10 years, export volumes have risen by almost 90 percent to just under EUR 225 million.

Known as an oil export and mining country, Kazakhstan has been trying to diversify its economy and establish new productions for several years. The development and investment needs are very high, especially regarding renewable energies and energy efficiency. In addition, however, the core sectors of the supply of the oil and gas industry as well as the modernisation of existing and new power plants offer opportunities for Austria and its export-oriented companies.