Austrian Post tests trunk delivery in B2B sector

Cooperation of Austrian Post, T-Systems, ÖAG and Muggenhumer Energiesysteme for worksite supply in the Linz region

Austrian Post tests trunk delivery in B2B sector

Whether at construction sites or during maintenance and repair services, technicians and craftsmen always need a good range of tools as well as installation and replacement parts – and those should always be ready to hand in the company car. Here the Austrian Post sees an ideal area of application for the delivery of parcels to the trunks of the customers’ cars.

Together with the ÖAG Group, the affiliate company Frauenthal Service GmbH, Muggenhumer Energiesysteme GmbH and T-Systems, the logistics company is currently carrying out a pilot project in the Linz region to test applicability and potential of trunk delivery to worksites.

The test phase of the trunk delivery by the Austrian Post is therefore entering the second round. Last fall, the smooth process flow and functionality of the positioning and unlocking app were tested. During the current test real customers will get their parcels delivered to the trunk of their car for the first time. In the course of this, the company Muggenhumer Energiesysteme receives their orders from plumbing supplies wholesaler ÖAG directly to the trunk of their company cars until the beginning of August. Delivery is made by using a special app and the associated information and communication system of T-Systems.

The B2B pilot for trunk delivery works as follows: The customers order the needed parts from their suppliers. The supplier then requests a “trunk delivery” from the Austrian Post. On the day of delivery the delivery agent can locate the exact position of the vehicle via App and through a highly secure identification- and authorization system provided by T-Systems the trunk is unlocked and the shipment can be placed directly in the company vehicle. The mobile Identity- and Access solution makes sure that only the authorized delivery agent can open the car. The delivery process including opening and locking the trunk is logged. Recipients are informed via e-mail, text message or App, as soon as the parcel has been placed in the trunk.

The advantages of trunk logistics for all parties involved are obvious: The customers receive their parcel directly into their car and the needed items are therefore immediately ready to use. The Austrian Post does not need to put up with empty trips to absent customers and also further expands their range of services over the other competitors. The retailers profit from content, promptly served customers.