Austrian Post issues CO2 certificates to 550 customers

No matter whether Post customers send letters or parcels – the global climate balance will not be burdened

Austrian Post issues CO2 certificates to 550 customers

In 2017, Austrian Post continued to deliver its consignments CO2-neutral in Austria – this was confirmed for the seventh time in a row by TÜV Austria, which is evaluating the calculation of CO2 emissions and their compensation. The customers received this confirmation on May 7 during a ceremony in the new corporate office Post am Rochus. More than 50 companies accepted the certificates at the event, which this year took place for the sixth time – including Unito, Metro Cash & Carry, A1 Telekom, Eduscho, the Regionalmedien Austria, Holding Graz, Sonnentor KräuterhandelsgmbH and Agrarmarkt Austria.

In 2011, Austrian Post launched the initiative “CO2 Neutral Delivered” in order to gradually reduce the company’s ecological footprint. In doing so, both the company’s own energy and fuel consumption is constantly being reduced and even invested in clean energy.

For example, Post has already invested over EUR 14 million into e-mobility, supported by the “klimaaktiv mobil” funding program of the Federal Ministry for Sustainable Development and Tourism, and the Climate and Energy Fund, and currently has more than 1,400 electric vehicles, with the fleet being constantly expanded. With the photovoltaic systems in Vienna-Inzersdorf, in the Erzherzog-Karl-Straße in Vienna and Allhaming, the company produces around 1.4 million kilowatt hours of eco-electricity annually, only green electricity from Austria is purchased.

Thanks to these and other efficiency measures, Post has been able to reduce its CO2 emissions over the past seven years from around 100,000 tonnes to just under 70,000 tonnes annually. Since 2011, the company has compensated those emissions that can not yet be avoided by supporting national and international climate protection projects.

The initiative of the Post is very well received by its customers. More than 150 registered companies are already using the green “CO2 Neutral Delivered” logo on their shipments, pointing to the logistical initiative for climate protection. In total, over the past seven years Post has awarded more than 4,000 certificates to its major customers, and this year again around 550 were awarded.