Austrian Post commissions the first Rapid Uniloader

Automated parcel unloading system by PHS accelerates the unloading of swap bodies or trucks by up to 75 per cent

Austrian Post commissions the first Rapid Uniloader

Fast, automatedc, economical – this is how the Rapid Unloader, developed by Austrian Post together with the company PHS, can be described. The new product, which uses innovative and state-of-the-art technology to increase logistics efficiency, went into operation for the first time in Europe at the Post logistics center in Allhaming, Upper Austria. Together, DI Peter Umundum, Member of the Austrian Parcel & Logistics Executive Board, and the two managing directors of PHS, Dr. Ing. Andreas Wolfschluckner and Dr. med. Matthias Fritz presented the automated parcel unloading system.

With an increase of 15 per cent compared to the previous year, the parcel market has grown enormously – and with the rapidly increasing parcel volumes, the requirements for logistics companies are also changing. Austrian Post responds to this development by pushing innovation. In doing so, the company relies on the know-how of strong, local partners – such as the Graz-based start-up PHS.

“We believe it will need completely new, innovative answers in one of the most dynamic divisions ever, which is growing at double-digit annual rates. In one of the most important process steps, the parcel unloading – we are talking about around eight million unloading operations a year on the European KEP market – we found the right answer in founding the start-up company PHS, which brings a Europe-wide product innovation to the market.” , says DI Peter Umundum.

The Rapid Unloader is composed up of a mobile and a stationary unit which, when connected together, provide for the unloading of packages from a swap body bridge (WAB) or a truck. The stationary unit, which contains the electronics and actuators, stands at the unloading gate in the logistics center, coupling to the mobile unit, which consists of an extendable conveyor belt. The unloading is fully automated – contrary to the currently predominantly partially automatic systems on the market. After a test phase during operation, the Rapid Unloader will be ready for use on the logistics market also by other customers.

“With the Rapid Unloader, we have succeeded in developing an intelligent, automated quick unloading system that not only speeds up the unloading of swap bodies or trucks by up to 75 per cent, but also significantly reduces the physical strain during unloading,” said Matthias Fritz.