Austrian Post: 25 per cent higher volume in parcel logistics business

Successful start of cooperation with Deutsche Post DHL Group to deliver parcels in Austria requires a boost of investments

Austrian Post: 25 per cent higher volume in parcel logistics business Bild: Österreichische Post, Werner Streitfelder

High-quality, quick parcel delivery necessitates the rapid expansion of the company’s infrastructure of sorting and logistics centres. Austrian Post is thus intensifying its planned Austrian parcel logistics investment programme in parcel distribution centres against the backdrop of the current volume growth of about 25%.

Capacity was significantly increased when the parcel centre in Hagenbrunn in the north of Vienna became fully operational in September 2019. The next milestones will be the completion of the parcel centre in Kalsdorf near Graz and the logistics centre in Thalgau/Salzburg in the middle of next year, tells a press release of the company.

Accordingly, the partnership with Deutsche Post DHL Group had a very good start. Since 1 August 2019, DHL parcels destined for Austria have been delivered by Austrian Post. Total monthly transport and delivery volumes are now about 25% higher than in the previous year. Against the backdrop of this parcel volume development, the capacity expansion investment programme has absolute priority.

As previously communicated, growth investments in excess of EUR 50 million are planned in 2019 in addition to maintenance investments totalling about EUR 70m. Moreover, investments in the range of EUR 25 million are expected to expand existing properties or acquire new land, as well as EUR 15 million to purchase sorting technology in connection with the cooperation with Deutsche Post DHL Group.