Austrian Airlines: Initial Flight to Shiraz departed

18 times per week from Vienna to Teheran, Isfahan and Shiraz in the current summer flight schedule

Austrian Airlines:  Initial Flight to Shiraz departed

On July 2, 2017, Austrian Airlines took off on its initial flight to Shiraz. Four weekly flights will be offered to Shiraz with a stopover in Isfahan. Austrian Airlines will offer flights to Shiraz throughout the entire year. The duration of the flight is about six hours.

Austrian Airlines now boasts an extensive offering to Iran, flying to the new destination of Shiraz alongside flight service to Teheran and Isfahan: A total of fourteen weekly flights are currently being operated to the capital city of Teheran and four times per week to Isfahan.

Austrian Airlines is Austria’s largest carrier and operates annually a global route network of approximately 130 destinations, being particularly dense in Central and Eastern Europe with 35 destinations. Thanks to its favourable geographical location at the heart of Europe, the company’s hub at Vienna International Airport is the ideal gateway between East and West.