AsstrA opened its first office in France

The location in Lyon will initially Focus on road transportation

AsstrA opened its first office in France Bild: AsstrA

In September of this year, the AsstrA-Associated Traffic AG opened its first office in Lyon, France. The group implements a geographic presence expansion strategy. Thanks to numerous offices in the EU, Europe and Asia, AsstrA experts are getting closer to customers, can promptly respond to requests and provide a range of services taking into account the regional specifics of the market.

Natalia Iwanowa-Kolakowska, Deputy Director of EU Region Countries and France Region Country Manager, says: “France ranks second in the European Union in terms of total economy volume. This country is an important player in the European and global economic markets. AsstrA has been cooperating with French corporate clients for a long time. Opening a new office in the country was a matter of time.”

The strategy of AsstrA-Associated Traffic AG is to enter the TOP 10 European logistics providers by 2030. To achieve this goal, the group of companies continues its expansion to the West. The office in Lyon is a significant step in the implementation of the plan.

AsstrA has established itself as a logistics partner for transportation to / from the CIS countries and Central Europe. Now the task is to achieve the same level of trust in Western Europe. The offices of the group are located in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and since September 2019 also in France.

The experts of the group organise road transportation for corporate clients of AsstrA on international trade lanes and routes within the country. Development of maritime transport is also planned. The geographical location of France allows the organisation of intermodal transport to ensure the cargo flow through seaports deep into the continent at competitive rates.

The French AsstrA office provides transportation and logistics solutions for a wide range of industries, including chemical and woodworking industries, mechanical engineering, transport vehicles and auto parts, Hi Tech Products, pharmaceutical preparations, fashion & beauty goods.