Anniversary 20 years of Styrian IT expertise for the logistics industry

The automation specialist for freight forwarding processes is proud to say that they “do a good job”

Anniversary 20 years of Styrian IT expertise for the logistics industry Bild: ÖVZ

In the presence of more than 100 guests, Comtrix GmbH celebrated its 20th anniversary on October 4 at the Hasenwirt restaurant on Seggauberg near Leibnitz in southern Styria. Initially, the company specialized in the assembly of hardware components, but has been operating exclusively as a specialist in software solutions for the logistics industry since 2007.

Comtrix is ​​one of the leading automation specialists for forwarding processes. The core product – the logistics software “4ward” – has a modular structure and is suitable for and for companies of all sizes and types – whether truck, rail, sea or airfreight, no matter what language, no matter where, no matter how many branches.

Since 2015, Gerald Schuster and Florian Stessl have shared the management of Comtrix. The staff of ten people mainly serves customers from Austria, Germany and Switzerland, including BTG Spedition and Logistik, Cargomind, Forest Seacargo Logistics, Freight Forwarders, Intercargo, JCL Logistics, LP Logistics, NUN Overland, Quehenberger Logistics, Russia Spedition and UnitCargo.

In February, Comtrix broke ground for the construction of their new headquarters. The new building with 320 m² of office space in Tillmitsch in southern Styria is to be completed by the end of this year.