Alpha Trains delivers its first Vectron locomotives to TX Logistik

Long-term lease with TX Logistik includes maintenance and repair by Alpha Trains

Alpha Trains delivers its first Vectron locomotives to TX Logistik

Purchasing ten new Vectron multisystem locomotives, Alpha Trains invested in eco-friendly and powerful electric technology of the latest generation. The lessor of rail vehicles thus complements its portfolio on the long term and strengthens its relevant market position.

Siemens has delivered the first two vehicles on 29 March. The locomotives are immediately rented to TX Logistik AG. In 2017 eight more Vectron MS will be delivered in three stages, and will also be operating on behalf of TX Logistik.

TX logistics gains a substantial competitive advantage from using the new vehicles with state-of-the-art technology. With Vectron, the rail logistics optd for high quality in traction and consistency on the routes.

“Modernisation is an ongoing task. We keep our fleet young, and are heading to the future with advanced technology delivering high performance,” says Mirko Pahl, CEO of TX Logistik AG.

With up to 160 kilometers per hour and 6,400 kW of power, Vectron MS can carry goods in both directions on the Germany – Austria – Italy route. As to cross-border traffic, the vehicles are equipped with country-specific transaction and train control systems as well as the European Train Control System (ETCS).;