Ahlers acquires Antwerp Breakbulk Agencies

The company takeover adds more lines and destinations to the Ahlers agency portfolio

Ahlers acquires Antwerp Breakbulk Agencies

Ahlers Belgium announced last week the acquisition of Antwerp Breakbulk Agencies (ABA), based in Antwerp, Belgium. The takeover was finalised at the close of 2015.  ABA’s contracts with Onego, Hartel and NEPA Shipping and chartering lines are now fully operational through Ahlers.

Hans van der Woude, former owner of ABA, has joined the Ahlers ‘crew’ as Business Development Manager. Commenting on the acquisition he says: “Ahlers is a much bigger enterprise than ABA and I’m excited by the opportunities this offers for former ABA customers.”

Ahlers has a track record of more than hundred years, but this recent acquisition demonstrates its focus on fulfilling meeting client demand. The company is also investing heavily in IT to speed up administration, help staff follow projects more closely and free up time to meet the demands of customers, shippers and shipping companies.

Former ABA customers will benefit from Ahlers’ experience, expertise and financial strength which allow them to handle large and complex projects. They will also benefit from the company’s high level agency activities that integrate seamlessly with other logistics services.

Ahlers not only provides commercial agency services in multiple ports but also – if needed – transportation to and from ports, local port services, customs handling, warehousing and value-added logistics that support clients’ international supply chain operations.

Ahlers’ existing customers benefit from the significant expansion with a wider choice of lines, destinations and the specialist expertise available through the ABA contracts.

Roel Vanmaele, Managing Director Europe: “In the competitive environment of shipping, we have processes that are fully transparent from A to Z. If anything should occur that was not planned, we will inform clients, look for alternatives, and keep all communication lines open. With the acquisition of ABA we confirm our specific focus towards break-bulk shipping lines and operators.”

The addition of the ABA lines gives Ahlers a portfolio that now covers:

  • Europe to/from Persian Gulf/Middle East/India/Far East (CHIPOLBROK)
  • Far East to/from US Gulf and Europe (CHIPOLBROK)
  • US Gulf to/from Far East (CHIPOLBROK)
  • Continent incl. Baltics to/from West Africa Dakar-Lagos-Pointe Noire range (EUROAFRICA)
  • Continent incl. Baltics to/from South- and East Africa (EUROAFRICA)
  • Continent to/from EC Canada, USEC, US Gulf, Mexico Caribs (ONEGO)
  • Continent to/from Central America, North/East Coast SA (ONEGO)
  • Continent to/from Black Sea via the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea (HARTEL)
  • Far East to Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea (NEPA)
  • Far East to/from West Coast South America via South Africa (NEPA)
  • Antwerp/Rotterdam to/from Aberdeen and to/from Stavanger, Norway (RULEWAVE)
  • Crosstrades and other non-liner trade lanes via our chartering desk (AHLERS CHARTERING)
  • Europe to/from Bata and Malabo (CHL)
  • North Europe (via Leixoes) to/from Madeira, Las Palmas (PORT LINE)
  • Cape Verde Islands, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia and Senegal
  • Worldwide to/from Cape Verde Islands, Guinea-Bissau, Gambia and Senegal sub inducement (PORT LINE)